Ni Antishareware


NI Anti Shareware

The program for testing protection of shareware applications. The program makes transfer of system time before shareware-program start for date of installation or date of last start of this program and then (In some seconds after start or at an exit from

NI Mail Agent

The program for email mass sending with socks proxy support. The program supports plain text letters and letters in format HTML including attachments. Dispatch is enough considerable quantity of letters is possible at the expense of use in one account of



ADMLink NI (Network Inventory) enables Administrators to automate process of descovering devices connected to the network, collect detailed Hardware, OS and Software inventory from hosts, routers, switches, printers, storage devices, etc. as well as track

Used Cars NI  v.

The Used Cars NI Windows Phone 7 app allows you to search Northern Ireland Used Cars, Offers, Vans, Farm/Plant, Motorbikes, Caravans, Salvage and Boats in an easy-to-use application. - Browse by make and model. - Refine your search criteria. -

Musica Clasica para niños  v.

El ABC de la música clásica para niños conoce los autores más

NI-GPIB Plug-in  v.2.0.0

The NI-GPIB plug-in is a REALbasic plug-in that offers access to nearly all the functions you know from your National Instruments GPIB manual.

Complete NI Komplete  v.1.0

3-Hours of NI Komplete Tutorials.

MPV's NI 202 - Studio Drummer Explored  v.1.0

Learn the upbeats and downbeats of NI’s cool studio drum machine in this “crash” course from the talented music producer and macProVideo.

NI Transliterator  v.2.7

The program for translation of texts from translit on Russian and back.

MPV's NI 200 - Battery - The Art of Drum Programming  v.1.0

Discover Bill Burgess' deep secrets about the dark “art” of programming drums while simultaneously learning how Native Instrument’s classic drum machine Battery 3 works.

MPV's NI 203 - Reaktor - Revealed  v.1.0

You asked for it, and we “reakted”!

MPV's NI 210 - FM8 - FM Synthesis and Sound Design  v.1.0

Join Synth Expert David Earl (a.

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